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Avera Maria’s letter to the Catholic Church

Dear bishops of the Holy Catholic Church, When I was made aware of the efforts being made by pro-“LGBT” groups trying to persuade Catholic bishops to change Church teaching on homosexuality, specifically at this year's youth synod, it devastated me. As someone who has not only grown up in the Church, but has also come to love her and her teachings for myself, I would hate to see her teachings altered in any way, especially in a way that could cause such a grave amount of damage. I wish then to lay my heart bare, and to share some of my story and my convictions with you, dear bishops of the Holy Catholic Church, and plead with you to keep the Church's teachings on homosexuality good, true and beautiful. I am a 22-year-old young Catholic woman that experiences same-sex attractions. While I was growing up, I heard very little, if anything at all, on homosexuality, even though I attended Catholic school from Pre-K to 12th grade. When I finally came to terms