Letter for Bishop

Orlando, June, 2023

Most Reverend Bishop Noonan: 

In regards to your campaign letter for Our Catholic Appeal received at our home allow me to respectfully express my opinion:

In the little more than two years that we have been living in Orlando and participating in Holy Family Parrish not once have we received at our home any kind of communication from the Parrish except in regards to money or donations. Not once have we received here any manifestation or communication in any form of interest in our spiritual life, growth, needs, or development. I think this could be understood as a sign that the only significance we have for the Pastor is as a source of financial support with a clear disinterest, not to say contempt, for our spiritual life. As I told him in a couple of opportunities I have managed to get, how can you love someone you don’t know?

“Here I am, send me”. This is a word we love and cherish as we see in it a calling for our own family that goes beyond the fundamental participation in Sunday mass or the financial support. There is a word to be said. 

“I then heard the voice of the Lord saying: 'Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?' And I said, 'Here am I, send me.' He said: 'Go, and say to this people, Listen and listen, but never understand! Look and look, but never perceive!" (Is. 6, 8-9) 

I think this is what is going on in the church right now. The church has to be made, built from “living stones”. And this is not happening.

Thank you for this opportunity to express our thoughts. 

In Christ, our Lord


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