Evangelization and The Holy Spirit

If it is the Holy Spirit who lives in your life, in your group, or in your community, he would go beyond you to call others, to evangelize; if that is not happening you can be sure, it is not the Holy Spirit who dwells in you, in your family, your group or your community. 

Evangelization is really just an overflow of the Spirit of The Lord within the person or the group (or The Church, for that matter). It comes from a deep presence and experience of God within the believer and goes towards the outside as far as the person can reach (Mt. 28, 16-20). As the apostle Paul says, “…woe to me if I do not preach the gospel”. It is a triumphant joy, a mixture of strength, peace, and happiness that doesn’t leave you any chance different than to tell others what is now clear inside you by the power of The Holy Spirit: God is alive and He has touched you. There isn’t any bigger, stronger, or more powerful experience that a person can have. How could he then be silent? 

“I tell you that if these should be silent the stones would cry out” (Luke 19,40). 

So it isn’t really a duty that has to be assumed by the disciples (though it is) but a consequence of being filled by the Holy Spirit. Can a glass refrain from letting the water overflow if it is filled by a constant flow of water? Can a river stop running? Even if the river is turned into a dam sooner or later it is going to overflow the dam. This is the way evangelization takes place in a disciple who has received the Holy Spirit. So, if you’re a Catholic and don’t feel this urge, it might mean that you haven’t received the Holy Spirit, the spirit of power, truth, and love that dwells inside those who follow Christ. If this is the case, I would advise you to take a deep look inside your heart and your faith because you might be missing an enormous part of the Christian New Life, the Life in the Spirit. (Acts 8, 14-17).


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